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   I have decided to go ahead and resurface the shutdown area of the dragway. Fort Dodge Asphalt will be doing this. They are going to profile the whole area by milling off the top and then resurfacing it. By milling it off it will take out the bumps and smooth it up greatly before the put the new surface on it.

  Also we will be able to use the millings to top our new entrance road and on the roads in the pits which will cut down on dust and also make a better surface as the millings seal up with a little sunshine and heat on them which means less dust and rocks. In addition the return road will be paved from where it ends in the middle of the shut down area to the far end and connect to the strip.

  A lot of people have complained about both of these areas and stated that this keeps the really fast cars away, well now we will have 4/10ths of a mile of really nice shutdown area this should take care of that. This is a very expensive project and along with building a new entrance road and concession stand the cost is staggering to say the least.

  I am going to be spending more and doing more than has been done in 20 years in only four months and I am asking you all to help with this. If every one donated a couple of entry fees or spectator fees it would go along way toward helping with the cost which is over $30,000 by the time the entry road is done too.

  Everyone that donates will get there name on a small plaque in the new concession stand as we will have a wall dedicated to memorabilia and things from the track. If you decide to help, make sure you designate where you want your funds to go towards the repaving or the concession stand. Also the cost to by a board for the grandstands with a plaque with your name or who you would like it in memory of will be $25.

  Jeff McCubbins and his wife who make our trophies are going to make the plaques for the seats etc. John Russell had a good idea of selling a foot of asphalt too - this will work out well. I want to thank you all for your help in advance and also to Dennis Quillen for something he told me last week, Humboldt County Dragway "Is a Grande Old Dame who is not ready for her last ball, she just needs a little makeup and help up the steps!"

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