Humboldt County Dragway Rules

General Safety
& Regulations

- 10 mph speed limit in the pits,
- No burn outs on return road,
- No smoking in staging
area or starting line,
- No one allowed in the tower
- Change your dial in
staging before you are
three rows from back 
- Seat Belts Required
- Battery Secured
- Radiator Catch Can
- No Missing Studs or Lugnuts
- All Window Openings
must have Windows
- Fuel Cells and Tanks mounted
with Bulkhead between
Tank and Drivers compartment
- One Working Rear Lite
on all Vehicles
- Pro Cars Battery Shut Off
Switch recommended for all
- Hood And Trunk Pins
required on Pro Cars
- No Frayed or
damaged Seat Belts
- Helmets Required for
all Contestants