2016 Sportsman of the Year
Julia Merrill - Armstrong, Iowa
Past winners - 2015  - 2014
Pro II
Ron Thielen
Super Pro Champion
Bruce Tenney
2016 Jr Dragster Champion
Cole Grandgeorge - Eagle Grove Iowa
  Pro I Champion
Andy Jones

Aurelia Iowa  
 Pro ET Champion Rick Ockerman  
Motorcycle - Ryan & Max Dhabalt  

2015 Sportsman of the Year
Dennis and Rose Quillen
This was a very important award and an easy decision to make because the racing season for 2015 at Humboldt County Dragway would not have been possible if not for the dedication that Dennis and Rose gave to the Dragway for all of us to have a place to race. When Dennis could have been fixing his car he was instead helping at the Dragway to get it going. We can't say enough about the effort Rose put into the concession stand, not only running it but helping to remodel it also.
Congratulation Dennis & Rose!
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2014 Sportsman of the Year 
Bruce Tenney Fairmont, MN


   I first came to Humboldt County Dragway at the very tender age of 16 with my parents in 1966, so you can tell I’m an old geezer now.  Besides the quarter mile drag races that evening there also was a tractor pull along the return road in front of the tower.

  In 1971 I actually raced at the track with my 64 Ford Falcon. Races went OK, but I dropped a valve on the way home that night.  Over the next 11 years I watched a few times, but it wasn’t until Sept. of  ‘82’ that I brought my 61 Ford Falcon to the track.  It ran 7.30’s. I built a Bantam Altered and raced it from 1986-88 in Super Pro.  It had a Ford 460 and ran 7.10’s.

  Then I built my second altered and it ran 6.0’s.  In 1992 I had a rear engine dragster built for me and raced it at Humboldt that fall.   In May of 1993, I decided to alter the dragster by crashing it at Thunder Valley Dragway. The car was demolished and so was I.  My wife didn’t allow me to race again until 1999 with my current ‘87’ Ford Mustang. 

  The car has run well over the years, earning 4th place in Super Pro points in 2010 and 2012, 3rd place in 2013 and 5th in 2014. My wife and I, were pleasantly surprised to be chosen as the 2014  “Sportsman of the Year”.  We have enjoyed the friendly people and atmosphere at Humboldt County Dragway over the many years we have been racing. We’re thankful for all of the hard work Chuck and Shirley put in over the years and are looking forward to the changes the new promoter, Gary Anderson, has made at the track for this racing season. Best wishes for a successful and safe 2015 race season.
Bruce and Bev Tenney